Senior Network Engineer

Hong Kong/Manila | 5year | College degree | Recruitment 5people |

Job Responsibilities:

1、Responsible for the Company’s Data Center Network, the architecture planning, Scheme design review and implementation work of the network of each project

2、Responsible for the daily inspection, monitoring and operation and maintenance of the group data center network, including but not limited to Installation, configuration and commissioning of network equipment, Inspection and monitoring of network environment, Network policy configuration and Implementation of network-related changes, etc

3、Responsible for the company’s data center network, Failure analysis and resolution, and Circumvention advice

4、Work report- Responsible for document writing, plan formulation, review and reporting of project/work content. Also organize and coordinate the handling of abnormal network events, communicate and report on the progress of the event, be responsible for problem tracking and rectification suggestions; accumulate best practices in network operation and maintenance, formulate operation and maintenance specifications and strategies, and achieve documentation

5、Responsible for customer project implementation communication/project follow-up/daily maintenance/problem handling, etc

Job Requirements:

1、College degree or above in communication, computer, electronics-related majors. More than five years of work experience as a network engineer. More than five years of experience in data center network planning, and operation and maintenance management for medium and large enterprises

2、Familiar with TCP/IP and routing exchange principles, familiar with BGP/OSPF protocol

3、Familiar with ESXI, vsphere virtualization related principles and configuration

4、Familiar with common Cisco, Huawei and other mainstream routers, switches, security equipment and other network equipment configuration and deployment. Familiar with mainstream firewall product configuration and deployment, such as Cisco firewalls, Nexus switches, PaloAlto, Fortinet; familiar with F5 and other load balancing equipment

5、With the ability to independently analyze network problems and the ability to develop new technologies, and rich experience in troubleshooting and solving large-scale network faults, and can quickly handle large-scale network emergencies and faults

6、Have good document writing and configuration habits, strong learning ability; good teamwork spirit, communication skills and service awareness; strong sense of responsibility and professionalism

7、Hold CCIE certification or the same level of technical ability certificate, well-known integrator or Party A work experience is preferred

Admin Logistics

Hong Kong/Manila |Recruitment 10people |

Job Responsibilities:

1、 Responsible for the life and logistics of the company's employees

2、Responsible for the formulation, inspection, supervision, control and implementation of administrative logistics and security management systems

3、Complete other tasks arranged by the boss

4、Assist new employees move in arrangements and solve dormitory related issues

Job Requirements:

1、 Excellent written and expression skills in Chinese and English

2、 Good team spirit and sense of innovation

3、 Has Basic knowledge in Word, Excel and other office software

4、 Good communication skills and professional ethics

HR Specialist

Hong Kong/Manila |Recruitment 10people |

Job Responsibilities:

1、Attract high-quality talents for the company, dynamically adapt to creative talents

2、Assist the person in charge of the department to formulate a reasonable fair competition system and a reasonable employee incentive reward and punishment system

3、Assist the person in charge of the department to establish and improve the company's various regulations and procedures

4、In-depth understanding of the company's corporate culture, publicity and creation of the company's corporate culture atmosphere, responsible for staff daily communication and personnel relationship establishment

Job Requirements:

1、 Familiar with national and regional labor and personnel laws and regulations

2、 Have good language and writing skills

3、 Have a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, a cheerful personality, and a strong team spirit

4、 Familiar with office software such as Word, Excel, etc., will use the Internet to find information

5、 Have good adaptability and can work under pressure