Building a foundation for digital finance

Building a foundation for digital finance | H3C released the S12500G-EF new-generation green smart switch

New H3C Group will continue to adhere to the strategy of "cloud intelligence native", continue to explore new technologies and new products, meet the needs of financial institutions' digital transformation and development, provide them with more convenient, efficient, safe and reliable digital solutions, and help financial technology transformation in-depth development .

On April 25, H3C Group, a subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup, officially unveiled the S12500G-EF new generation green smart switch at the China International Finance Exhibition.  The new H3C S12500G-EF switch is based on high-performance AI computing modules and green energy-saving design, with four integrated advantages of safety and reliability, ultra-broadband interconnection, intelligent non-destructive, green and low-carbon, for the next 5 and 10 years. The upgrading and development of the data center helps financial institutions consolidate their digital foundation capabilities, "build a secure ubiquitous financial network, and build a green and high-availability data center."

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The financial data center has always carried the strong demand for "safety, stability and business continuity" of the financial business. Starting from building a "digital base" for financial transformation and innovative development, New H3C Group actively responds to the needs and challenges of building a high-performance financial data center , leading the construction trend of financial green data centers with four innovative advantages.

Safe and reliable, 100% independent innovation of key components

H3C S12500G-EF's key components are 100% independently innovated, effectively ensuring the informatization construction of data security; equipped with the self-developed software platform Comware operating system, on the basis of integrating rich network features, the modular operating system makes the operation faster; further open architecture , so that it has the characteristics of containerization and programmable architecture. Key components such as main control, network board and business board have independent intellectual property rights, which can effectively guarantee the information construction of data security, and effectively help the digital transformation of the financial industry's comprehensive enterprise architecture in terms of business architecture, data architecture, and IT architecture.

Ultra-broadband interconnection, seamless upgrade to 800G in the future

H3C S12500G-EF can support ultra-wide 400G, and can be seamlessly upgraded to 800G in the future, ready for the next generation of ultra-wide interconnection; the hardware design has 112G Serdes transmission capability to meet the needs of business expansion in the next 5-10 years; at the same time, the product design incorporates More diversified new technologies have been introduced, such as M8-level low-loss PCB, ultra-low-loss high-speed connector, suspended high-speed channel design, 100-second startup, and full encryption of data traffic.

Smart and lossless, guaranteeing "zero" packet loss in financial services

H3C S12500G-EF can provide high-performance AI computing modules to create a computing platform for users that is deeply integrated with the network and driven by intelligent algorithms. Through the self-developed LossLess algorithm, it can continuously perceive the network and service status, and can continuously collect PFC, ECN, and ROCE. ROCE data streams such as session packet loss rate, bandwidth, and queues are aggregated and counted, and accurate traffic analysis and intelligent AI reasoning training are performed on the network to meet the computing power requirements of digital finance.

At the same time, H3C's self-developed lossless algorithm has strong adaptability and can handle complex multi-ROCE queue mixed traffic scenarios. The self-developed LossLess algorithm is used to perform precise AI model matching on statistical data, adjust multiple queues, solve transmission congestion, and meet different requirements. Meet the requirements of application scenarios, achieve high throughput and low latency requirements, and ensure "0" packet loss for user traffic on the live network.

Through the RDMA intelligent lossless network function of S12500G-EF series switches, it can effectively replace the traditional IB and FC networks and realize the integration of the three networks.

Green and low-carbon, helping to reduce the PUE of the data center

The H3C S12500G-EF machine adopts a green and energy-saving design, and the carbon emissions of each switch are reduced by about 58% compared with the previous generation, actively responding to the national dual-carbon strategy; optimized green material selection, new electromechanical design, and AI precise control performance to help data centers Reduce PUE and build green finance on the network operation side.

Green material selection: condensing liquid cooling advanced heat dissipation device selection, which can effectively improve the heat dissipation performance of the equipment and reduce power consumption.

New electromechanical design: adopt front and rear air duct design to improve equipment heat dissipation efficiency.

Precise AI control: Noise-reducing fans are matched with AI automatic algorithm speed regulation, which can reduce the power consumption of the whole machine by up to 15%.

Having been deeply involved in the financial industry for 30 years, as a participant and enabler of financial digital transformation, the H3C S12500G-EF new-generation green smart switch released by New H3C Group will use a new way of high performance, low carbon and energy saving, Assist in the construction of a financial green data center, and further build a foundation for the construction of a digital financial base.

In the future, New H3C Group will continue to uphold the strategy of "cloud intelligence native", constantly explore new technologies and new products, meet the needs of digital transformation and development of financial institutions, provide them with more convenient, efficient, safe and reliable digital solutions, and facilitate the transformation of financial technology Deep development.